A light based electronic music controller/visualizer

How it works

LED Shop Light

The body of Optron is an electronically modified shop light fitted with a USB port, power port, wireless sensors, microprocessor, and supporting electronics


Arduino Micro

The Optron brain

Receives serial data commands from computer

Communicates with RGB LED string


Adafruit DotStar

144 individually addressable RGB LEDs replace the original shop light


eMotion Sensors

Translate 15 different performance sensations and wirelessly transmit control data to computer

eMote B Shadow.png



  • Commercial LED shop light

  • Arduino Micro, serial communication input from computer

  • Adafruit DotStar 144 RGB LED array

  • eMotion Wireless Sensors

    • 9DOF 3axis each Accel, Gyro, Magnetometer

    • Long force-sensitive resistor

    • Long linear potentiometer

    • Sharp IR distance sensor

Software Overview

  • MaxMSP

    • Computer vision translates color and position of lights to controller data

    • Sends serial commands to Optron

  • eMotion Soft

    • Converts Optron sensor data into OSC messages to be used in MaxMSP

  • Arduino IDE firmware

    • Onboard subroutines convert serial commands from computer into control signals for RGB LED array