What it does

Hearing Light, Seeing Sound

With the power of 144 ultra-bright, individually addressable RGB LEDs, Optron can rapidly switch between using light as a visual effect and using it as control input. In visualization mode, sound and other important performance status information is analyzed and translated into serial data and sent to the Optron. Alternatively, when paired with a computer running computer visualization software, light position and color become controller information, that can be wielded by waving hands over the lights or swinging the Optron itself in space.

Responsive to touch, proximity, posture, motion

Optron is worn with a strap around the neck and can be played using guitar inspired and not-so-guitar inspired gestures. It can sense position and pressure of finger presses on its 'neck,' hand-waiving and strumming gestures, and also responds to tilt and motion in space. In all, 15 individual wireless sensor streams enable multi-modal gestural control.

Technical Specs


  • Commercial LED shop light
  • Arduino Micro
  • Adafruit DotStar 144 LED string
  • eMotion Wireless Sensors
  • Long force-sensitive resistor
  • Long linear potentiometer
  • Sharp IR distance sensor


  • MaxMSP
  • Arduino IDE firmware