"Photosynthesis" for Optron

Photosynthesis is an etude for Optron that essentially explores the musical/visual performance capacities of the instrument. It begins by acknowledging its origins as an ordinary, if somewhat buzzy, florescentlamp. Development of this idea leads to compressing the light into a 'white sprite' - signified by a combination of glitchey vocal, electro-static, and metallic textures. The white sprite is ripped apart into red, green, and blue sprites (when combined in equal parts forms white) with each color associated with the above respective sound textures (i.e. red both affects and reacts with the vocal sounds, etc). Components are further developed until the sprites fuse together and explode into a rainbow gradient pattern. A Shepard Spiral sound illusion (a sensation of continually rising pitch while remaining still, not unlike Penrose steps) is paired with the continually looping rainbow spectrum. A 'dark' sprite emerges with strumming gestures on the Optron, swallowing up bits of the rainbow. Raising the Optron vertically in the air causes the sound and light to bleach out and intensify, fully saturate, and explode in a final conclusive gesture.